There will be five groups of 3 or 4 students researching various aspects of Shakespeare, his works, Elizabethan life and culture, the theater. Each group will be allotted time to gather appropriate sources and information to produce a voice thread on each particular topic.

  1. Each group has a topic from the Elizabethan age to research. Work alone to gather information and come together to put together your Voice Thread.
  2. Also, check out www.voicethread.com to begin to become familiar with the medium in which we will be working. You may want to try to upload any great pictures found to the flicker tool and save. Or save .jpg pictures to your usb key or school folder.
  3. Again, this is a new project so please complete all the assigned work before we get to the lab as to not cause delay in the technological part of the assignment.
  4. Begin to check out websites for the topic you chose; if need be, please consult with your group before the weekend so you know what parts each person is responsible for. Keep a detailed list of the websites especially those for graphics if you are not downloading them so that you will have easy access to them in the lab work with Mrs. Siwinski. I will be checking for your pre-information to see what you have prepared.
  5. Your voice thread will consist approximately 15 photos which help to visualize your topic as you spe
  6. All group members are responsible for their section of the presentation. That means you need to write your script, find pictures to visualize your script, then record your script on the voice thread.

  • You need to include graphics, pictures and text on digital story
  • Your voice thread should have consistency and continuity as well as being informative without being too lengthy
  • In addition to the voice thread, each group will compile: (B) a listing of 4-6 good websites with a brief description of what one could find on the site. Lastly, each group will compose: (C) an outline of the information presented for the students to reference.
  • The web site list and the outline should be typed neatly each on a separate sheet, paper clipped with a post-it note listing your names.

December 10, 11, 14 (depending on separate blocks): after any class work, groups will be allotted time with the computers (lab 500 or laptop cart) in order to work on putting your projects together. *have a USB key to save project
  • When completed your voice thread will be embed on this wikispace for quick acce
  • December 16th: Voice Threads presented IN CLASS


In class work (library/lab): 20 pts
Informative presentation: 60 pts
All group members participated: 10 pts
Listing of websites: 10 pts


By producing your voice thread you will enhance your knowledge of Shakespeare, his works, Elizabethan life and culture, as well as the theater. You will also have the opportunity to hone your technology skills as you use this new web 2.0 tool to produce your final product.
This project designed and implemented by Mrs. Kathie King, English teacher for ,Mount Saint Joseph Academy. Technical assistance and wikispace design furnished by Carol Siwinski Instructional Technology Coordinator.

December, 2011